Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
Maddi. '95. Boston.

theengseyeluv asked: 62 and 79

62. What do you wear to bed

depends. if i’m at home then nothing if i’m at school then soccer shorts/shirt or tank top

79. What was the last concert you went to 

not saying cus embarrassing but i’m going 1975 in may

  -  23 April
"I know
you and I
are not about poems or
other sentimental bullshit
but I have to tell you
even the way
you drink your coffee
knocks me the fuck out."

Make somebody’s day today.


If you love someone, let them know. There’s never gonna be a wrong moment to remind someone that you appreciate and care about them. Whether it’s your girlfriend or your grandma or a friend you made two weeks ago, make somebody smile and feel good about themselves. Be the person to turn someone’s bad day around. Call your mom. Send your uncle a card. Tell somebody you don’t know that they look nice today. Make somebody’s day today.

you’re such a good person

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