Q: I think that's the definition of a good person, someone who's trying very hard to be that good person and is always conscious of their efforts

that’s a good way to look at it

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my life revolves around me trying my best to be a good person. I really really want to be a good person. but at the end of the day i’m never truly happy with myself or the things i’ve done. 

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Q: So I'm bi and there's this girl I'm friends with that I'm in love with. Like I just can't get her out of my mind but there are a few problems with this. 1 she lives in a different country and 2 she knows that I like her but only sees me as a friend (she is bi though as well). We have never actually met in person yet but we plan too in the future. Do you think I should give up or hope that her feelings will change maybe after we meet?

Well if she doesn’t like you more than a friend id say save yourself the heartbreak of loving someone who doesn’t love you back and try to slowly sprint the hell away

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